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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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are searching for. you can sethere doesn't appear to be urgency aboupeople although ourameras may be rhaps on a location that doesn't show exactly whas going on. right now the news thaweave, we do have some police, we hav somexperts looking at this. in fact officials cleared th white hoe lawn at the moment. so, that has used up our time. we'll pusteve blame men that's allocation on faceok page. steve, i sry. you haveo come back really on. >> thanks fohaving me. z: breaking news. steve blumentl. as bells ring, fed chief jet yellen wre waitingn her for tomorrow nt to give it to david and melissa with the breaking ne. david: thank y very much. 'll l be watching story and watching markets and polics. melissa: stocks xed ahead of tomorrow's fed mng. i'm melissfrancis. david: i'm david asmanththiss "after theell." inddition toreaking news at of thehite hse, super
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tuday 3. voting underway in five stes. we have you l covered. pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, marand d rhode isnd. more delegates ufor grabs in one night than we'v sn since mid-march. we're a few uraway from the results. the firsdecline in revenue more than a dede. we'rmoments ay from apple's eagerly awaited second qrter results. melissa: first to litics. trump is even if he nages to sweeall five races that doesn't me he will pick up all the delelegates at stake. fox business's connell mcsha ad tru tower in new york city with t latest. connel reportermelissa,ou'rright abouthat. election night and another appearan for mr. trump at trump wer. everyone aund the campaign is expecting him to have big night in a five northeastern stes. the example of delegat if we
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look at rhode land, 19 degates proportional allocation, w much does he get. connecticut, he isxpected to wibut ese to50%? what about quote, unquotee agent degates, 54 of them, in pennsylvania, how many othose can trump pick up? yes, the are open questions heading in tonight, otherwis erybody around the campaign, hasertain degree of confince going . the wawe track trump on election day or election nig is thrgh his almost always busywitter account, right? i will point out t quick eets from mr. trump and ghlight r them. this agreent, ted cruz and kasich working together. this joke after deal is be llen apart. not inhonored. almost dead. veryumb. thisfternoon, how about is one? supposedly, it is about rnie saers but maybe there is deeper message in it omaybe we're reing dedeep. trump twts about bernie
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sanders, bernisanders has been eated terriy by democra and delegates and herwise he would show theby running as inpendent. itould beg the qstion would trump do the same if h li being treated unfairly at moment? trump isocus on getting the magic numbe1237 and doing it befo the convention. tonight will play a g part in rms of how many delegates he picks up. melissa: whaa grgreat idea. beie sanders, run as independent. get t there. mix thin up. i love it. lauren: alys stirring the pot, isn't he? voting going on in fiv republican and democratic primaries in the ntheast. for repcans way ahea in all states. republican establishmentnt still unsure how to defeat him. jamie my weinstein, senior editor att "daily caller."." tony sayegh, j jamestown vice presidentnt and fox news
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contributor. jamie, whatevever happens tonigt trump gets lion's chair of the delegates. the dedelega s shareill probably exceed t votes he receivive going g against one of his theme songs ththat he is being orortchanged. >>ononald trump has been claiming systetem is rigged only in cases where he acactuallyly t lech ounce is. dn't claim when he won inn florida with just ovover 50% of the vote butut got 100% of the delegates that the systetem was rigged therere. so you probably see something along those lines toninight. he will do very, verery well and pickp, 85, 90% of the delegatete but t not that much of a percentatage of the vote. inin some sense by his own definition maybe tododay is rigd as welell. david: tony, talk about trtrump the character. clearly atattempts to tone down donanald trump that we all know and appreciate have tailed miserably.
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yeyesterday we got taste of that whwhen he talked about kasich's eating habits. some suggesteded that paul manafort who was broughtht on cole weeks ago, his attempts to tone itit down have failed. here is what one campaign operatives says about t manafor. i think itit pisses trump f, i'm reading what they idid in "politico." heasas gettiti free television going on shows andnd paul manaft isutut there resurrecting his career. is there r rebellion against mananafort? >> i thinknk paul man no o farts skillset is puput to the, 54 wil not be committed t to the winner of thehe vote today. this is are with youou have to e ththis newly-created m manafortd delegate acquisitition operation actualallyo its job. if it doeses it successfully i will suspect d donald trump will be ratather happy. trump isis unpredictable. they migight be deliberating hed faking he will becomome more presidentialal.
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meanwhile he h has two adversars now united against him in n this race. he said i have to be thihis wayo beat thesese guys. this is one of f his most strong asassets. he is unpredictable. that is good foror a candidate. david: thrhrows his opponents f, always has. jamie, the never trump crorowdwe they diminishing a litittle bit? >> i don't think so o at all, after tononight, their wataterln some respects s will be indiana. that will be t m must n for the never trump crowd. if trump w wins in indiana he hs good shot reaching 1237 pleledgd delegates. if he loses indianana, it is not easy s shot to get to 1237 and we're going to contetested election. david: he isis ahead in the pols now at least sevenen, 8%. great stufuff, guys. melissa. melissa: 384 delelegates up for grababs on democratic side of super tuesday. hihillary clinton is looking to
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the put t the nail in the coffin for rnie sanders presidedential campaign with a five-statate sweep. blake burman fromom philadelphia withthore. blake? >> melissa, good aftfternoon to you fromom the philadelphia convenention center, downtown philly. this wilbe spopot of what hillary clinton expects andd pepes to be a victory party later tonight. she has been c campaigning inn diana throughout the day b but wiwill come here shortly want too show you the rereal quick, t the things play out differently in democratic sidede wiwith fe state relateto the delegates. pennsylvania is largesest amount in play for democrats,s, half in total with 189. acaccording to polling, all rect polling this i is big night for hillaryy clinton she leads i pennsylvaniaia. neck biggest state, marylaland,5 delegates. polling suggestions s she leads there.e. 55 delelegates clinton leads therere. rhode island and delaware, 24 and 21 delegates eacach.
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if she gets around or above e te 50% mark tonight, , she could potetentially cut the number i half. as for bernie sanders, he is in philadelphia. he has been hehere all day. he was campaignining a little bt earlier doing r retail politicking. he was walking arounund city hal araround lunchtime. reading g terminal, one of the g food markets here. he w asked about whetherer o nonot dependg what happens tonight, if he would pototentiay drop out of the race and hehe shut that very quickck. what i am ququototing. that is absurdd question. wewe're in the race until the lt vovote is cast. people of california havee right to determine who t they see as presidenent of the united states and what kinof agenda a they want the democratic party has. that is sanders totoday. we'll sehow the campaiaign reacts comome tomorrow based on what happens to ninight. melissa: absolutely.y. blake, thank you. joining me juan williaiams,
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co-host t of "the five," autr of the fanttinew book, "we the people." i did. i loloved it. it fantastic. talk about thee and we'll relate how it relates to your book. can n he keep goingng, can he kp momemeum. >> h he raise ad tremendous amot of money. we f focus on the horse race and narrativive o is winning and i think hihillary clinton will do vevery well tonight, in rms of raising money, not only y bernie sanders exceeded e expectationse is beating hillaryry clinton in fund-r-raisi. on mononey angle, he hasas mone, fuel to keepep going if you wil. the send thing i is, he has pushed her to ththe left on isss like trade andnd i thihi he is going toto continue to assert hs agendada terms of opposition to wall street trade deals.s. even whehen it comes to the selectction of a vice-presidentl candidate. melissa: yeaeah. your boo " "we the people," is fantastic. you focus on modern pepeople in our r historory who were like or original f founding fathers and
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kindnd of how they have shaped totoday's society. i love people e you picked. a wide swath.. betty freed dan, milton friedman. >> right. melissssa: one of my heroes, real piqued my ieresest. what is sonteresting he is obviously exact oppoposite of bernie sandeders but in a lot of ways he came along at titime, he tatalked about what was wrong wh what had just gone b by. he was rlly able to communicate it so wewell. bernieie sanders, kind of doing the exact sasame thing but from the opposite angle. he is talking socialism when the free market has been in controrl for so lg. milton fririedman was taing free market with the new w deal.. do you see s similarities? >> i think you're righght. it hadn't occurredo o me. melissa: you're saying i'm brilliant? that's wonderfrful. >> that was brilliant insight,t, from my perspepective,e, one ofe joys being a writer you learnn things and get t to communicate with people. the other people read the boboo, hey, i had this thought whicich
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you did for me. it helped me. so thank you. i will say thihi milton fririedman coming out of depression era, workrking for te governrnment you would have thought he would h have been a keynesiaian. you have to invest thehelp the economy recocover. he comes out of ththat, ininsted becomes primary advocat an a great commmmunicator in terms of cacapitalistic principles. todaas we watca horse race go on, we lo beyond the horse race what e issues driving is election. one of tm has to do with trade and a lot of people sayingey, globalization has not heeded the americ worr, especially the blue-collaworker. we he a new poll one of ththe issues is s driving it globalatation and impact o on working class,s, espiaially working clasass whites in soety. mimilton friedman, you know wha? corporations he shouould globale if thehey think it will prode more profits for shareholders.s. dodon't worry about the custome. don't worry about workers. worry about the profits.
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customers will come to you i if you are delivering and theyy deliver those profofits. >> i ireading this, he ushered inin this era bernie sanders is trng to turn on its head. >>orrect. melissa:ven oughgh it pas me to sayhis, i love miltonriedman makes me feel like americans have appepetite r the opopposite. when there is problem going ono, somemebody comes in if we turn e syststem on its head ththings wl be betteter. that is what happened then.. >> the penendulum swings and grs is always greener. i i don't know about you, hard o sasacapitalism hasn't deliveredd for america. melissa:a: i thihink it has delivered. >> you have to so so moderation, , but goodness gracious. melissa: fan as titick book, we thpepeople. definitely worth getting, juana. david: socialilismsm doesn't wo. it's that simple. it doesn't work! stay tuned to fox business f for full covoverage and analysisis f votes as thecome in tonight. it all s starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern so you don't't have to tuturnrn the channel. melissa: davavid is over there
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chomping at the bit. applple is expected to fall. we're moments away from gegerly anticiteted results. the tech giant may see t f first quarterly revenenue drop in 13 yeyears. we'll bring you numberwhwh they come out.t. david: hillary clint's's private email seserver could have bebeen exposetoto the general public years ago. details of a potential stete department cover-u-up. what the sta d department is sayingng now. meliss s surely one e of the reasons 60,0 d democrats in pennsylvania alone r reportedly crossed the aisle for nanald trump. coming up the pennsysylvania gop chair tells ushahat he is seeing on t the ground. >> people that i know trtrust doldld trump.. i believe hi i trushihim that he is honest. he sometimes is exememely honest thth people. ♪
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david: w ware getting an update on the situation in thee white house. itit is still closed. the e white house lawn is close. the ess is locked d up in the press room right now.. apparently thehere was a fence jumper, noat w white house proper, but adjacent to thee white house knknown as the eisenhowower office building. that is s where e somebody jumpd fefest. that leded to lockdown still inn effect at white hohouse. it appears, mimight be premature that everything is all rightht s of now. but that hasn't relieveded the lockdown. it is still in place. > shares of twitter dropping after reporting first quararte reresults. go straight toto the newsroom wh jo ling kent. hi, jo. >> david, twitter first-quartetr earninings, stk taking a big nosedidive on the news do 8 1/2%. here are thehe numbers. 15-cenent profit, excuse me, nie beat on 10 cents the s street ws looking fofor per share. revenue coming in at
4:18 pm
$59595 million. thatat is a miss for twitter. ththe street was looking for $607.8.8 million. as the s stockontinues to drop. there e are two major things you need to know about the s sto. quarter two revenunue is projecd to b be 0 t to $610 million. the problem that is a a major ms onhat the strereet was prprojecting itself. it was l loong for $677 million. the other thining you need to know, first t quarter monthly active users, , how a lot of people measure howwitter iss doing, came in at 310 millionn monthly active users. very little growth from 350 from lastst quarter a slilight beat - 30305. the stock cocontinues to drive. david:d: j thank you very much. we're awaiting apapple when thoe mbers come o. should be about 15 m mines, thanks. messssa: maryland voters at polls where 38 delegates a aret stake. fox news james r ros at a
4:19 pm
polling location in rockvilllle, maryland, , wi the latest on the ground there. what is traffic likeke? repoportrter: messa, good ternoon. pretty easy y here b but we'll e whwhath hohour is like. early voting is off the e chts, highesest ever been,n, 260,000 ballotots cast, 73% cast by dedemoats. own on repubublican side, 38 delegates up forrarabs as yoyou noted. they're awarded winner-takake-al statewidide bis. trump is looooki to corral, 32 out of 38. hillary clinton is looooki to lk away with lioion' share of the 118. frfronrurunners have not spent o much time although t thehave visited. foformer president clinton and daughter chelsea h stumped but they have narroy appeals.
4:20 pm
>> rockville, isn't th close to bethesda. >> 15 neighborhoods in balmorere have lower life pectancies than nth korea. >> know maryland for a long time. i have so many frien over here. maryland is a battleground. mala is going to have an out-sized voic >> i will stand up and sport wh you'r're trying to do here in legislature in marand and easterned ck days and paid family leave! reporter: for the rst time in years, marylanders are returning to all-peroting system. the papersy have filled out by hand are being processe about electronicachines. so far five ofhe 2000 machines, ice tag, $14,000 each had to be fixeded. otherwise they s working well follow me on twitter, james rosen@fnc i will tell u th last time maryland votedor republan presidential nominee
4:21 pm
in predential election. melissa: what a tease. i'going there now. we-played. i like that. david: meanwhile u.s. governmemt employeeees targeted isis. personal information, pele o rroror group's hit list have been release lieunant colonel oliver north is here on that d on hillary's emails. plus cracks in cruz-case i can alliance. melissa: who knew. dad: they might have differing views on the new partnership. take a listen. >> it is eremely late. have they worked this out nth or t two ago where they ea go one-on-e, this is a last attempt to t tst the momentum.
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dadavid: voting you know way now in five statates that represent 172 delelegates to the republicn convention. you're looking live at a a pollg statioion in philadelphia, pennsylvania.
4:25 pm
not a a lot of activity there todaday but there are record mbmberers coming out to vote. melilissa? melissa: m major developments in the hillary clinton email scandal. "jududicial watch" stating thatt the state department withheld benghazi-relelated email that would have shown m months before it wasasventually reported that the former secretaryryf state useded a private email account. fox x news's catherine herridge joins now with the e details on this onene. whatat does it all mean, caerine? >> well, melisissa, thanks. this email in question is s from september of 2012, so abouout 2 1/2 weeks afafter the benghazi terrorist atattack and mrs. clintnton and her team were drafting a serieies of talking points for debririef she was gog to givive to senators on capitol hill and " "judicial watch" alle this is document was first discovered back k in the fall of 2014 and the document t was important pause it showed d that mrs. clintonon was using a personal sererver for government business. it came fromom her
4:26 pm accccount. 2014 is importanant because durg thatat period this is when the clintoton emails were deleteted. about half of ththem that she determineded to be personal bubusiness. so the allegation from "judicial watch"h" is that the state department found the emamail, it had a personal accountnt for mrs. clinton, ththey madade a decision to withhold i it and peopople had known about this account two yearars ago,o, they might have been ablele to take action t that meant mrs. clintos records would rerema intact. block deletion of emails, melissa. melissa: that is a lot. >> it is. you're welelcome. melissa: great repting. you u put it all together. david: as usual.l. wh wouould we d do without her. th hisis take on the on going email scandal, lt. colonelel oliver north. fox news military been lift anad host of "war stotories." wh do you think k that the state department was - -- two things
4:27 pm
they c could have been trying to cover up. one was fact she had a privavate server. the otheher was the s stuff abot benghazizi. which do you thihink iwas? > it doesn't matter because sounds awful lot someone at dedepartment of state could easy now be held in contempt of court. look, david,d, there is all-agey damage assessment now ununderw to evaluate how much could possibly have been compromised by her so-called servever and wewe're probably not going to kw the trututh until we elect a republican president. here is my question,an s she pardon herself i if she gets elected? david: the key point about benghazi that peoplele focus oni think righthtly so is, that comment, what differerence doest make, in facact is made a lot of difference to lives of peoplee that s save embassies all over e world, how we were or werere not doing all wewe could to maintain safety and sececurity of our peoplele deployed there? >> clearly w we weren't and gret fault in all of ththat has been, i h have said couple years onon thisis thing, what did they do
4:28 pm
before the attack, whahat did ty do d during and what did they do afterwards? clearly afterwarardshey tried to cover up a whohole bunch of thingsgs. the tragedy before e every major anniversary, 9/11 will alwlwayse a terror anniversary for americans, youou better prepare. they a absolutely did nothing. otherwise the ambassadoror would have been prprotected instead of off inin benghazi. david: meaeanwhile, we have to e somewhat sympathetic t to the state department a at least that people work there because e so of those people's informatations being put online byy isis. isis has targeted people at the state e department, is this ann idle threat or does it n need to be taken seriously. >> thihis is group of three attackers. they're urging adherents like san bernanadino duo to kill people. there are kill lists a and sevel thousands names andnd addressesf mililitary personnel here in cos
4:29 pm
in 1987 when my fafamily was targeted by a cecell in mcclain, virginiathe kikill order from libya was intntercepted, and we were movoved to camp lejeune, north carolina. when we retuturned home, u.s. government provideded 24/7 personal security detailil withs and d at great falls until i retired from marines. it is m m ssible to do that for r thousands of govovernment personnel who have been hahacked into. anotother reason why isis safe havens have toto bdestroyed. david: colonelel, quickly one me thing. presidenent sending troops to fight isis. the questioion ask where? do youou send them to syria, do you send them to ira racack? at will the nenext president have to do? >> 250 more headed to iraq. we have 4,000 this iraq. excusese me, 250 more going to syria for total of 3 300. you will he need more. good we'e're not sending thohous ofof them. bummer that thmorale of isisis terrorists has been affefected because they're missssingg paychecks because we're
4:30 pm
deploying things l like himars o the region foror added firirepor this is highgh mobility rocket system, a maxiximum range of 186 mimiles. those additiononal personnel are the right thing to do, and thank god jojoe dunford is our chairm. better than sending 5050,000 troops as someone advocacated he a few weeks ago. david: colonel nororth. greaeat to see you. thank you u very much. >> thanks,s, david. melissa: twitter shareres still sinking dodown 10% after hours. the company posting mid third quarter r results and lowered the forecastst for second quarter revenenue. you see the trade theree on your screen i in after-hours. davivid? david: we're just momentnts away from findingng out if the iphone's star power is i a am didding a a little with a first-ever decline in n sales. melissssa: celebritiesre threatening to leave the c couny in trump is elecected president. david:d: say it ain't so. memelissa: that's right. see ya lat.. trump says hit thehe road.d. ♪ i have asthma.
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4:35 pm
declcline since 2003. iphone unit sales, 51.2ililli units and it was, let's see here, a beat of estima of 51.3 3 million. ththe dollar 9a share was b beat revenucacame in at $5$50.6 6 billion. okoking what ceo tim cook, the applceo isayaying and he is saying hiseaeam ecuted well in the facece of strong macroeconoc headwinds. he says s they continued with te growth but citing services specifically and n n necessarily the iphone here. we also want to o bring up one other important point he.. forecast for the t third quarte, e e current quarter, the estimate was for $47.32 llllion but apple is now f forecasting 1 to $43 billion. so tt t is a pretty significant change a miss of what t th street w looking f for there. so a pretty y historic moment he
4:36 pm
for apple in earnings a as we contin tgogo through the numberers for you. ys david: to put a fine poioint on itit, a miss on both bottom and toline. the stock is movoving under $10a share. th i is a loss of 5%. jo, a lolot more in there. > a lot more. dad:d: you're sticking with us to bring headlines. thank you very much. >> sure. melissa: i'm joined by scott martin, chf strategist for united advisors, fox ns ntribur and lance unoff, maable editor-at-large. lance, let me start wi you. you hearjo say it. its historic, do you agree? >> they still sold what wait, 49 millihow many phones did they sell? i mean actually kind o-- all the numbers sound about where i ought they would be. we knew this would be down quarter. ineneral these2 is going to be down qrter for them. we also kn thedon't have the iphone se to factor . sales they hopefuy drive into
4:37 pm
paicular in china. ey don't have that to drive along. iphone 6s and 6slus are sort of the min up phrase to the iphone. so it is not as big of year.r. so even though, you know, a t of people saying this is tir big missmost of the numbers i heard kind of within where i predicted they would b each timafter quarter of a holiy ason it is like this. melia: scott, they stitill lowered guidance for next quarter though seems li there is a trend in here? >> i think contrary lance's point, missa, these numbers are wheryou thought they would , i know lance isn't the sto markrket, the stocwouldn't be wn 5% after market. i think this is historicly bad r the company. is is t, what is the sayin your father's ape stock anymore. this is a company at doesn ha the game-changing products it once did. think the problem you're goi to have, apple remds me of ex-girriend or ex-boyfriend. you're ser negative onhem
4:38 pm
because he own the stockut you, they still co arod. you can'get rid of them. thats the problem. everybody owns apple. they don't like t they can't get d of it nobody left to buy it either these levels. that is whthe stock is under pressure. >>he scott, do you have a lot ofx-girlfriend's hanging around? you st me. you know wt, that conversation fornother time. >> talking aut christie and anna from high school. n't even remember them but very important to epn n mind, melissa,hen you have a stock that is overowned ancomes out with resul like it did today,, that don't impress, david ntioned it, jo ling hit it, they didn't beat othe top line. they didn't even beaon the bottom line, the stock'soingng to get pmeled like that. people expect greaess from appl they can't deliver that anyme. melissa: lance, e question is alwa whais the next great thing coming out of apple? >>hahat is aeryood quen, it going to be the apple ca evyone is talk talking about,
4:39 pm
supposedly daimler and b rejected worki with them on it that was one of e rerts we saw. an apple car would be exciti but that is supetough industry to break int that will not ame-changer on venue front. th will have iphone 7 in the fall. it will radicaledesign. when you have radical redegn, yowill have sales in tens of millions. lissa: apple, scott is not my exoyfriend. before my kidsere born, we dn't have single a apple product. noeverything iour house is apple. every phone,omputer, ipad, tv, ape everything. 're not switching anytime soon. as ex you say thicompany is, i don't see,t is notosing its ubiqty. >> i guesse'll stay on the eme? are you happy about th, melissa? melissa: yeah. >> see, i don't. i talk to a lot ofeople how they fl about their apple
4:40 pm
products, it is like ecosystem. people are not psyched aut i it anymore. to me, i think apple igettttingg caught by othe competition. amazon caught up to them. they're getting kied in the contenspace. whuses itunes anymore? thth have been caughght and think that is y the stock is a little bit dangerous here. melissa: okay. so apple's my bad boyfrid i don'even know misbehavi, and kind of taking it. let's get out of this. let's get out of this. this is terrrrible. bye, guys. david: my head is spspinningng, whole boboyfriend, girlfriend uff. melissa: y yeah. david: cruz anand sich speakinig about new friends, bononding ovr a cocommonnemy but they're pact to work togethther could be falling g apart of in n just da! >> how do you vote foror a guy o has lost by four or fivive milln votes, who is hundreds and hundredsf delegates down? so we're goingo pick a guy over a yr got creamed, right, gocreamed? you would ha a revolt.
4:41 pm
[woodworke iivin the fine details.
4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
david: quickly t to breaking ne. lockdown of white house isis ov. not necessssary the white house t adjacecent building, eisenhower buildlding somebody jumpeded ains. it is over. they t took care of whatever it was that caused the lockdodown melissa: voting underway i in fe states with h ov 100 delegates up for grabs. thisis is live look at polling station in philadelphia. it i is st buzzing. well, maybe nonot. david. david: there i icord turnout in these states. believe it or r not. this is just a lull. meanwhile e thanti-trump alliance between ted cruz andd john kasich might t already have some c cras in it to say the least. the two candidateses teaming upo deny donald trtrump the nominatn byby fusing their evidents on differt states. >> we have decided to o goll-in onon ste of indiana. i think the hoososiestate is going to havave a pivotal roll d john kasich has made a decisisio
4:45 pm
to pull out of indna to focus his resources elseere. david:ell, partner might not actually be on the same ge. >> who should yo voters suppt for in indiana. >> i never told them n to vote for me. theyught to vote for me. i'm not over there cpaigning and spending resourc. dad: what is going on with this alliance? david drucker, "wasngton examin senior congressnal correspondent and dan heinger of "wall seet journal." dan,eeeems to be a pretty flimsy alliance. > yeah. one of those typical hail mary plays, looks like the guyy running g toward the end zone stopd d halfway down. where e is cruz going to throw that ball? th i is whatat it has come to fr cruz and kasich and w will find out i think in indiana w whether ththe e is anything to it. either they'rere going to fumble there or i indeed ted cruz will pick u up some of kasich's vote, come out ahead of nanald trumpmp and at would i thinknk send a sign that trump coululd have problems in the neneral
4:46 pm
electition. on otheranand, some of those vote f for kasich may just slide over to donald tru a and could be a b big win for h him. david: dav i it, this strategy teaming up this waway goes backo mitt romomney in march in s highly-criticized speechch. let's play a little bit t of th. > given current delegate selection process i i vote for marco rubio inin florida and john kasich in ohihio and for td uz whichever one of the he o cocontenders has the best chance beang mr. trump in a given state. david: that speech was thoroughlyevenrump haters thought it was an thought-out strategy why d they take it on so late? >> well oki think this is about delegate math and blocng ump from 1237. i don't think thlimsy allice is necessarily all for naught. look like a marriage for tax purposes. there is n a lot of passion there but there a benefit. ifohn kasich is nonot in indiana
4:47 pm
cacampaigning or not on ththe an indiana, his superac is s not on the air in i indiana, that is bebetter for ted cruz and gives him a better chance for p pickig up delegates from donald t trump and thatat is good for kasich ad cruz if you wawant a chance to n in c contested selection. dadavid: gotcha. dan, this is known a as the esestablishment primaries, all five of f these states, 10-0, tt is number of times e establishmt candidatwon thesese primary states, 10 primaries in a roro it wilbebe either trump or cruz and those guys a are about as anti-establishmements you can get.t. thisis symbolizes this year of brking all molds. >> n looking too good for the establishment tonigh i think state to fus on is pennsylvia. pennsylvania was atate john kasich pt promising he uld win. >> take the philadelph suburbs, grew upround pittsbururgh david: much like ohi >> exactly
4:48 pm
looks like it will n happen. the money heeeded to compete in pennsylvania did not materialize. that maye as big a reason why he is not going in indiana simply to saononey to compete in oregon and new mexico sounds like a lo shot, doesn't it david: it does. weave to leave it at that. melissa. lissa: blue to red, democrat leaving g their pay for donald tr next the penylvania gop chair sods o on the trend that is spreading across t country. >> i was regtered democrat up until this election. i'm one ofhose jump for trump rls. i like his messa. he is going to be goodor the untry. i'in vests and as a vestedestor in vests, vest with e*trade, where investorn investigate and investn vests... or not in vest
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melissa:a: voters have less than urur hours to cast their ballots
4:52 pm
in pennsylvavania. reports say y th more than 60,000 democrats in p penylvania are switchchintheir party affiliatioions to vote for trump in tonight's primary but t there isis me at stake than just popolar vote in the keystone state. jojoing me rob gleason, pennsylvania gop cha. let me start with that n number, first of a all60,000 democrats whswitched over to votote rr trump. how do you kw ththe number and how do you know they wilill go n there and vote f for t trump >> we haveve records of that, tt they have switched ovever. we have e 145,000 new republblin vovoters, thmomost we've ever hd in a shohort period from last vemberer 15th. believe me they'rere a coming out today anand voting probably for donald trump because we'rere having record turnout in nnsylvania pririmary. melissa:a: we'll see if he wins and go o out and vote for them. i ununderstand the logic, but we don't realally know how they wil vote yet.
4:53 pm
delelegates up for grabs. but onlyly 17 determined through popular vote. there isis a lot of focus on the state becaususe of this unbound group. what do you think about the wawy the system works in pennsylvania? >> you kno it has been like thisor a long time. i was a a delegate in 1976. melissssa: that doesn't mean it makes sense just b because it hs been that waway for a long time? >> it rked well though. itord wellll for u we go to the con essenal as group. there is always strength i numbers. we wk tother and this has bebeen a very successful way o selecting the delegate remember the delegat are pied by their peers in each of e congressional districts. they havto run for delegate. theyey campaign. they tell the people send me to the conveion. and i will help make the choice to be select a candidate who will be next presint of the unitedtates.s. it word reallyell here. melissa: io think it is intesting what we really noced this time around, states have allifferent systems. that is what makes stes individuals and they have right too things the way theyy want to. what are the most importt
4:54 pm
issueso people in pennsylvan? is it onomy, national serity what is top of mind? >> it is enomy in pennsylvia. we've always been leftehind. present obama and hillary clinton have crushed the cl industry big t a lot of coaminers lost their jobs. industry has been rting. that is why ther are so many that are interesd in trumpp inst. they're looking for beer opportrtunities thehe future. of course other things peoe are concerned out education and national security. inennsylvania is it is always about jobs. ople don't have jobs good enough for them to have sustaining income r their milies. that is driving a lot interest in donald tru. it will be verimrtant come the geral election. as people probably know, mrs. clinton c not being elected president of thenited states witho winning pennsylvia.
4:55 pm
no docrat hahas en elected without winning pesylvania. we'll be critical in the fall. melia: rob gleason, lots of good information. thank you so much for the insight. we appreciate it. david. >> thanks for having m davi think about coal jobs think about wvirginia. melissa: it is interng they're votiting on e economy and votes foump against hillary and sanders. no mention of cruz aasich. david: always the econom call it donaldrump's new motivation, maybe even obsession. celebrities threatening leave the counif the republican front-runner is electe >> now i have get elected ususe i will be doing a grea service to our country. what ser poligrip does for me
4:56 pm
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memessa: look at shares of apple dropping more than 7% after-hos after posting the first quartetey decline in 13 ars.
4:59 pm
as of now apple isoised to shave 48 pois off the dow when trading be tomorrow morning. david: coulde ugly day. girls actress lena dunham is latest celebri to claim she will leave theountry and move to canada if donald ump is elected. the gop front-runneresponding this mning. >> she is a b actor. you know, has no, you kn mojo. no i hrd whoopi goldberg said that tt would be a great, great thing of o country. >> we have list people. rosie o'doell. >> get rid of ro? i love it. now i have to get elected beuse i will be doing a great service to our country. melissa: sounds ody familiar. ou know when alec baldwin and eddie voter of peer jawhen george w. bu was elected? david: i still do. messa: still here. prises promises. why go to cana?? go to theahamas. i'gog mewhere warm. david: good point.
5:00 pm
the fa everybody who tries to make a statement againstrump in this way, partilarly from the entertaient community they always end up beg used by ump for another line. melissa: there you go. david: stay tuneto fox business f full super tuesday 3 election coverage he at 7:00. deirdre: "risk &eward" -- melissa: "risk rewd" starts now. deirdre: ale's stock down 7% in the after-hrsrs ssion. it posted its firsevever decline in iphone sales. this i"r"risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. tetech giant apple, earnings out momes s ago, posting the first quarteterly sales drop since 20. the ststock poised to shave almt 50 points off the w tomorrowow. with me now w an apple bull and apple bear. the bull, jason rotman, , apple bearar gary kaltbaum. gladado have you both here. i feel likike i should start wih the bullish sideo we're contri. jason what do you ma of the


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